9 December 2021

Sea Dragons coming soon to Southwold

The design of these 1 bedroom lets is based upon a Suffolk coastal legend. Most famous of all is the sea monster landed by fishermen in 1749 who discovered the beast in their nets as they trawled the coastline

Their coastal location overlooking the vastness of the North Sea takes inspiration and reflects upon this Suffolk legend

8 June 2022

The Watch Room voted in top 50 

September 2022

Migratory season at Easton Bavents

Really interesting to see so many Chiffies this autumn seems they have had a good breeding season this year

September 2022

Easton Bavents birdlife

Dunlin in the foreground Sanderling to the rear

September 2022

Birdlife at Easton Bavents

Star of the show was the yellow tagged Juvenile Ringed Plover photographed just a few days before it was ringed in Norway approx 900 miles away, they do breed on the beach here and have been reasonably successful.